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Periodontics & Implantology P.C.
Dr. Leslie G. Batnick, D.D.S.
Dr. Lois B. Levine, D.D.S.
Dr. Joo H. Kim, D.D.S.
Diplomates, American Board of Periodontology

Professional Maintenance

One of the truths about periodontal disease is that it is in fact a chronic condition. While we can treat it, provide relief from discomfort, and repair the damage it can cause, there is no true cure. What this means is that once you have been diagnosed, professional maintenance is a must to keep your disease under control.

At South Shore Long Island Periodontics & Implantology, we coordinate care with your regular dentist to make sure that you are getting the ongoing level of periodontal care that you need. We recommend regular routine examinations at our practice to assess your disease and determine whether further treatment is needed.

In most cases, we will recommend an annual examination, but if we believe you would benefit from being seen more frequently, we will inform you.

Your annual examination will typically include (but is not limited to):

Medical history review/update – Certain health conditions and medications have a profound affect on your periodontal health. Additionally, a link has been found between periodontal disease and systemic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and stroke. We will want to check in with you on a regular basis to discuss your current overall health and determine how it might affect your periodontal health (and vice versa).

Radiographic update – Many of the effects of periodontal disease take place beneath the gumline and are not visible to the naked eye. By obtaining regular radiographic images, we can track the course of your disease and notice right away if it appears to be returning.

Comprehensive periodontal evaluation – What is the current status of your disease? Is it currently causing damage? Is further treatment indicated? What is the condition of your implants or other periodontal dentistry? All of these things will be thoroughly reviewed to make sure that you remain in good health.

Maintenance cleaning – Regular maintenance cleanings with our hygienists (who also specialize in the treatment of periodontal disease) are one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping your disease at bay. By removing the plaque and bacteria from beneath the gumline on a regular basis, we can prevent further damage from the disease.

Home regimen update – The fact is, the quality of your home care routine has a great deal to do with your ability to stay on top of periodontal disease. While gum disease can have a genetic component, it’s crucial to practice excellent home care, which includes brushing, flossing, and, sometimes, using a prescribed antimicrobial product. During your maintenance appointment, your hygienist will review your home care routine to make sure that you are being diligent and using good technique. If your technique needs some work, your hygienist will provide you with specific pointers to make sure you are getting the most out of your home care.