A Frenectomy Sets the Mouth Free


Give Your Child the Gift of a Normal Life

You may not even know what frenula are, but like most people, you were born with two of them in your mouth. We take these small pieces of tissue for granted, as they perform their functions efficiently and don’t usually interfere with our lives. However, this isn’t true for everyone. The frenula are those thinly stretched pieces of tissue that anchor the upper gums to the upper lip and the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. 

If a child is born with frenula that are too short, they may have difficulties developing the crucial skills of eating and speaking. Our team of expert periodontists can remedy these conditions, known respectively as “tongue tie” and “lip tie,” with a frenectomy, just one type of laser treatment that we offer at South Shore Long Island Periodontics & Implantology in Wantagh, NY.

Laser Treatment Is the Scalpel-Free Solution

A frenectomy is a simple but effective procedure that will give your child’s lips and tongue full natural movement. With this, we loosen or remove the frenulum that’s inhibiting their mouth’s normal functioning. While some practices use a scalpel to perform this procedure—an option which also requires sutures afterward—we use laser technology. This is a far less invasive alternative to outdated methods involving sharp tools. Your children will experience little pain, bleeding, sensitivity, and swelling when we use laser treatment for their frenectomy. This can also help alleviate their dental anxiety, as the procedure is very quick, giving them the opportunity to enjoy a normal life after mere minutes in the dental chair!

Dr. Joo Kim Patient

Symptoms of a Tongue Tie or Lip Tie

  • Difficulty extending the tongue
  • Trouble touching the tongue to the roof of the mouth
  • Appearance of a notch in the tip of the tongue
  • Difficulty latching or breathing during breastfeeding
  • Trouble speaking

Do It for Your Family

If your child suffers from either of these conditions, give them a life free of avoidable obstacles. Babies with frenula issues can have trouble breastfeeding. Children who are learning to speak may be unable to do so without a lisp or other speech impediments, potentially subjecting them to ridicule from their peers. Save them from suffering nutritional, developmental, and social issues. No patient is too young for a frenectomy, and laser treatment makes it easier for everyone. Request a consultation with a doctor in our Wantagh, NY office right away!

Frenectomy Case

A frenectomy gives your kids the chance to live life unrestricted!

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