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Dr. Levine Talks about non-surgical Gum Disease Treatment

Osseous Surgery Can Save the Day

Gum disease is a chronic condition where definitive therapy with diligent follow-up and maintenance is key for long-term success. In most cases, we begin gum disease treatment with non-surgical therapies such as scaling and root planing. If your gum disease is unresponsive to these less-invasive therapies—or it has progressed past the point where it’s likely to respond to these therapies—the doctors here at South Shore Long Island Periodontics & Implantology may recommend osseous surgery. As board-certified periodontists, our team is better qualified to treat serious issues of the gums than any other dental practitioner.

Osseous Surgery Is an Advanced Gum Disease Treatment

Advanced gum disease requires advanced gum disease treatment. If the diseased parts of your gums can’t be healed, they may need to be removed through a procedure called osseous surgery. This is a therapy that involves removing bacteria from the area and modifications such as reshaping or recontouring of the soft and hard tissues around your teeth. The objective is to arrest the progression of the disease and regain the physiologic form, which was altered by the destructive disease progress. At this point, physiologically sound gum tissue will allow you to undertake care at home care as well as receive proper professional periodontal maintenance at our Wantagh, NY office.

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The Osseous Surgery Procedure

During osseous surgery, we remove the affected portions of your gums and, if needed, your jawbone as well to eliminate plaque, bacteria, and calculus (tartar) from the roots of your teeth. We then replace the excised tissue with grafts from the roof or other parts of your mouth. 

 When indicated, we may also recommend the addition of regenerative materials to enhance the surgical outcome—particularly if you will be getting dental implants here in our Wantagh, NY office in the near future. Healing after osseous surgery usually only takes a few weeks, after which you will be able to enjoy a life free from infection and pain!

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