What Are Tongue Tie and Lip Tie?

A Frenectomy Can Remove Childhood Obstacles

If your children are having speaking and eating difficulties, the cause could be their frenula, the thinly stretched tissues that secure the upper lip to the gums above the upper teeth and the tongue to the floor of the mouth. With tongue tie, also called ankyloglossia, the frenulum under the tongue is too short, limiting speech development and possibly causing breastfeeding issues that can result in malnutrition, poor dentition, and a host of other significant issues. Lip tie occurs when the frenulum connected to the upper lip is undersized, also causing an array of problems with oral functioning. 

Both of these conditions can result in gapped teeth, gum recession, and frequent cavities—a far-from-ideal situation for any growing child’s dental health. There are also potential psychosocial consequences, as children who are unable to speak properly can become subject to ridicule from their peers, compromising their developing self-esteem. For these and other reasons, tongue tie and lip tie are best treated during childhood with a frenectomy.

Signs of Tongue Tie and Lip Tie

  • Difficulty sticking out the tongue
  • Inability to touch the roof of the mouth with the tongue
  • Limited tongue movement within the mouth
  • Problems latching or breathing while breastfeeding
  • Speech difficulties
  • A groove in the tip of the tongue

Children Need Minimally Invasive Care

Our doctors have the training and technology to remedy tongue tie and lip tie by performing a simple procedure called a frenectomy. With this, we use a special laser—not a scalpel as some other practices do—to gently remove the tissue that’s causing the problem. A frenectomy performed with laser technology is far less invasive than traditional methods, requiring no sutures, and causing less pain, bleeding, sensitivity, and swelling. This is especially critical for our youngest patients, who are less experienced with dental procedures and are easily frightened by new experiences. Take the difficulty out of eating and speaking for your loved ones with a frenectomy.

Tongue Tie

Give your kids the freedom to eat, speak, and socialize!

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